Display Up To 16 IP Cameras on a 4K/HD Monitor Without A Computer

The ‘SpotBox4K’ connects into the back of a monitor via HDMI offering a PC-LESS, LOW COST IP camera viewing solution, which can be integrated into a system build, or added onto existing systems easily.

‘Spotbox4K’ doesn’t aim to compete with the NVR / VMS market – but simply provides an ‘add on’ solution to what may already exist or provide a simple viewing station without the needs for NVR’s or VMS.

Program up to 32 IP ONVIF cameras / streams and view up to 16 simultaneously (4x4).

Full screen 4K UHD Decode or quad view in 4 x full 1920 x 1080 resolution without loss in picture quality as its displayed on a 4K screen (other viewing options available).

The 'Spot Box 4K' is the worlds first universal 4K quad decoder for CCTV and video wall applications. It is a 4K re-incarnation of the old 'Spot Monitor' used in CCTV viewing applications.

Explained simply you can view up to 16 ONVIF network IP cameras which can be displayed in up to 4 x 4 mode on a 4K monitor without the need for anything else!

The 'Spot Box 4K' plugs into the back of a monitor using a HDMI connection (cable included).The installation is quick and easy, saving time and money on complex PC installations.

It is supplied with and controlled using a battery powered IR remote control, not dissimilar to that of a TV remote. This easy to use method of control can be adopted by anyone with any level of technical skill set.

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