Extreme performance - under - Extreme conditions

The AeroPTZ is an environmentally rugged camera designed to meet extreme weather conditions. Using the latest aerodynamic technology and salt-air corrosion resistant glass ¬ber body, the AeroPTZ can withstand the beating from tropical storms, arctic blizzards, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and gale-force winds. Additionally, a unique Panasonic Video Stability Augment System (SAS) delivers superior, high-class hybrid image stabilization for extreme scenes with vibration. Making the AeroPTZ well-suited for ports, cities, highway, transit, airports and other outdoor mission critical environments where failure is not an option.

Key Features

  • Full HD (1080p) 60 fps, 30x zoom lens
  • Built-in wiper and Auto defroster
  • Wind load durability 216 km/h (135 mph) *(operation) 288 km/h (180 mph) (non-destructive) *Upright position
  • Video SAS (Stability Augment System) for high-class image stabilization
  • “Sphere vision” provides 360° 3D viewing
  • (Pan : 360° endless, tilt : 90° to -90°) Temperature -50 ºC to +60 ºC (-58 °F to +140 °F)* Natural Silver model only. Not available IR LED Unit when the temperature is over 55 °C (131 °F). Gray & Brown model : up to +55 °C (131 °F).
  • IP67, IP66, IK10 certified
  • Optional IR LED light (up to 150 m/500 feet, zoom interlocking)
  • Anti-salt air corrosion protection ideal for seaside operations
  • Smart coding mode for additional compression
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