IMPASSA Security System

Peace of Mind is Top of Mind with IMPASSA

You want to do everything you can to protect your family and your home. A security system from DSC keeps a watchful eye on your family and other valuables when you are home and even when you aren’t. It’s peace of mind in one package. IMPASSA, the all-in- one security system from DSC, is so easy to use and has all the performance you need to protect what matters most.

What Wireless Means for You

Because the system is wireless, it installs quickly with minimal compromise to your home structure. Faster, easier installation means less installer time as well -- so you can get on with the business of your day.

Contemporary Design Blends into Décor

With a sleek and contemporary look, all DSC security devices project a modern feel and at the same time, inconspicuously blend into your home décor.

Instant Connection, with Back-Up, to Emergency Response

When an alarm occurs, a monitored IMPASSA Security System instantly connects to a monitoring station and emergency services are dispatched as required. For extra peace of mind, IMPASSA offers a two-way voice feature -- instant communication with your monitoring station. You can talk to a live operator who will dispatch emergency services as required. If an alarm has been activated, the system provides a listen-in feature enabling the monitoring station to assess the situation in your home. The listen-in feature is only active when the alarm is triggered.

Compatible with Leading-edge Interactive Security Solutions Supported by DSC

The IMPASSA 1.1+ security system allows you to maximize the full potential of your security system with a variety of smart home control and monitoring features. For more information on available features and packages, talk to your security professional or visit

Someone to Watch Over You

DSC’s IMPASSA Security System keeps watch, providing you and your family security without compromise. Rest easy, knowing that IMPASSA keeps peace of mind, top of mind.

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